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Yellow Brick Road Enhances Lead Organization and Communication with ChildcareCRM

By Hope Dasher on Dec 20, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Yellow Brick Road Childhood Development Centers relies on ChildcareCRM to optimize their pre-enrollment processes so they can focus on what matters most- the children in their centers. 

After years of inconsistent lead capture and parent communication, Jessica Johnsen, CEO and President of 3 early education brands across 9 locations, chose to implement ChildcareCRM to easily manage and track families throughout each stage of the enrollment journey. 

Getting Started 

Prior to implementing ChildcareCRM, the Yellow Brick Road team was often faced with tour no-shows and families dropping out of the enrollment pipeline due to a lack of efficiency in their communication system. This negatively impacted the conversion rates at all their locations. When Jessica joined the team as CEO after being an educator for 18 years and having worked with ChildcareCRM in the past, she knew Yellow Brick Road’s growing childcare organization needed a streamlined childcare CRM system to modernize management of lead capture communications, reporting, and the enrollment funnel. 

Optimize Lead Communications with Texts and Notetaking 

Now, Yellow Brick Road uses ChildcareCRM to eliminate inconsistent follow-up with two-way communications via email and textYellow Brick Road relies on two-way texting to decrease tour no-shows by sending tour confirmation messages 24 hours prior to a family’s scheduled tour time. New leads no longer slip through the cracks.

“We ask parents to respond to our tour confirmation text with their favorite emoji,” Jessica shared. She added that “It’s fun for parents and for staff, as well. Two-way communications, in conjunction with reporting, provide us with important insights into the parent enrollment journey.” 

From first contact through the family’s start date, the Yellow Brick Road team takes detailed notes about inquiring families to personalize communications and build meaningful relationships with their families – differentiating them from other childcare providers in the area and leading to greater enrollment success.

See more information about lead management and how to stay organized.

Improve Performance through Reporting 

Yellow Brick Road utilizes reports to oversee childcare staff performance at-a-glance and eliminate communications in workflow automations that aren’t receiving successful open or click rates. Analyzing their performance by location provides them with key insights about what is and is not working for each community or facility so that their Center Directors can re-focus efforts on what works best.  

“The reports are really important for us. They’re indicators of how our staff is performing and I can, then, use that data to provide bonuses and award the teams for their hard work.” 

Ensuring Efficiency with Integrations 

Aside from their success using ChildcareCRM to follow-up and automate the pre-enrollment journey, Yellow Brick Road also uses Kangarootime as their center management system (CMS) to streamline and automate their tuition invoicing and daily operations within the post-enrollment phase. The two-way integration between ChildcareCRM and Kangarootime makes onboarding new families easier than ever before.  

The two-way integration is very seamless”, said Jessica. “You just click a button in ChildcareCRM and all your family information automatically enters into Kangarootime. We rely on this integration to ensure family data is up to date and accurate. It also reduces a lot of manual time spent on data entry for my staff.” 

Download the full success story to see the quantitative results that implementing ChildcareCRM had on Yellow Brick Road Childhood Development Centers.


Hope Dasher

Written by Hope Dasher

Hope Dasher is a marketing professional with years of SEO content writing and social media strategy experience. With a bachelor's degree from The University of Texas at Dallas in Psychology and Child Development and an emphasis in language, she has extensive knowledge in the childcare system, effective marketing strategies, and copywriting. Hope serves as a copywriter for ChildcareCRM’s marketing team.

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