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Often child care organizations find themselves looking for a way to nurture potential enrollments, communicate with incoming leads and re-engage lost opportunities.

If any of these are on your to-do list, a drip campaign may be the solution you are looking for.

A drip campaign is a series of messaging delivered through lead nurture programs with the intention of acquiring new enrollments or aiding in the retention of current families. Drip campaigns involve delivering relevant and frequent content into the hands or inboxes of parents that may have expressed interest in your center but may not be ready to make a decision yet.

Drip Campaigns can be a highly effective solution to your long-term marketing strategy. Drip Campaigns allow organizations to send prepared emails and text messages to subscribers no matter where they sit in your funnel with intentional follow-ups triggered by the recipient’s interaction with your content.

Here are a few best practice tips you may consider making as you build out your campaign automation.

1.  Segment Your Audience

By creating target audiences for each of your Drip Campaigns you can create a more meaningful experience and increase your response rates. Create distribution groups with unique interests or attributes. This will drive your open and clicks and ultimately your conversion to the next stage of the funnel. Some target groups we see are:

  • Single Statuses within your pipeline
  • Age Groups & Classrooms
  • Wait List by Reason
  • Lost Opportunity by Reason
  • Special Employers
  • Expert positioning content
  • Re-engagement drips for Stalled or Lost Opportunities
2.  Customize Your Messages for a Better Reader Experience

Now that you’ve spent time deciding who your target audience is, create content that they will be inclined to view and respond to. Stay top of mind by delivering emails and text messages that are tailored to their needs.  Harness your unique benefits and features by age groups or specific interests of a group of people. This will drive your open and clicks and ultimately your conversion to the next stage of the funnel.

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3.  Test Alternate Messaging

Almost every email you are receiving in a promotional campaign has been run through an A/B or split test. By split testing two versions of your campaign you’ll be able to see which version is attracting more conversion from your prospective enrollments. Test alternate messaging, delivery times and mediums. Are more parents responding to your message via email or is a text message proving to be more effective? Launch both versions of your campaign and check in after each touch point. Being able to see a clear ‘winner’ will allow you to course correct for future messages.

To see how ChildCareCRM can help grow enrollment through drip campaigns, be sure to schedule a demonstration with one of our Solutions Consultants.

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Brandon Salisbury

Written by Brandon Salisbury