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Supercharge Your Productivity with Business Rules

By Chuck Gibbs on Nov 9, 2017 7:29:00 AM

Topics: Education

There’s never enough time to do everything that you need to do in a day, is there? Between managing your staff, building relationships with your parents, and spending every moment left with the kids, it’s hard to find the time to keep everything in Child Care CRM up to date. Luckily, Child Care CRM’s “Business Rules” feature is here to help ensure that you get the maximum out of the time you spend in Child Care CRM.

Business rules are, at the most basic level, a set of actions that Child Care CRM preforms automatically whenever a lead or child matches a certain set of conditions. So, for instance, imagine having a follow-up phone call automatically scheduled (an action) just because a child enrolled in your center (a condition) to check in after the child’s first week, or a series of emails explaining the advantages of your center’s curriculum automatically going to a parent after they call to enquire about care. These little automations won’t do your job for you, but they do help make the time you spend in Child Care CRM some of the most productive time in your day.

Here are a few steps to Supercharge Business Rules:

Automatic Follow Up After New Lead: One of the hardest things to do when dealing with everything happening at your center is finding time to enter a new parent inquiry that called or walked in your center unexpectedly – and, even if you have time to put in their information, it’s hard to remember to set all the follow up tasks that will help ensure that inquiry turns into a new enrollment. Luckily, Child Care CRM can be set to handle this automatically – ensuring that your new inquiry will automatically receive a personalized email thanking them for their inquiry, a series of emails about the unique selling points of your center, or even have a phone call scheduled to follow up with that parent.

Moving Leads and Children Directly to Tour Completed when they use Kiosks: Did you know that you can have your parents fill out their information when they come to visit your center for a tour? It’s true! Just hand them a tablet with a special link, and they can enter their information directly. However, that parent is already at your center and about to take a tour – so wouldn’t it be great if a lead added via the Child Care CRM kiosk could skip directly to the “Tour Completed” status and save you some time after they leave? With Business Rules, it’s a snap – you can set business rules to change based on the way a lead was added, so it’s simple to have all leads added via the Kiosk to automatically advance to the appropriate status – without having to do anything else in the system.

Scheduling a Tour Automatically: Sometimes, the most useful things in life are the simplest. Using well-configured Business Rules, your Child Care CRM database can be configured to automatically handle many of the tasks you commonly do at the same time in Child Care CRM. For example, one of the default Business Rules automatically moves a lead to the “Tour Scheduled” status any time a “Tour” task is added to their account. Using this sort of automation doesn’t just help ensure that the data you have in Child Care CRM is more clear and consistent – it saves you time, too!

As you can see, Business Rules can be an invaluable way to make the most of your time in Child Care CRM while ensuring all of your tasks are up to date and your leads have good.

Chuck Gibbs

Written by Chuck Gibbs