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Spring Into a New Season of Growth

By Emily Smith on Mar 28, 2018 6:29:00 AM

Topics: Education

What will you clean out this spring?

As we move into the new season, you may find your thoughts turning to cleaning up and beginning a fresh start. It is also the mid-point between two academic years' enrollment efforts. The next six weeks is a great time to begin analyzing your efforts from the 2017-18 school year and prepping for the upcoming registration season.

Before you start, a good clean-up of your existing prospect data may make the forecast more clear. Here are three easy ways to clean up and manage your ChildCareCRM Database

1. Put one person in charge

Only one person should ultimately be in charge of your database. While you may have plenty of users, assign a CRM champion to have ultimate accountability and be responsible for ensuring the information entered is clean and following a regular maintenance schedule.

While one person is responsible for your database, other team members should contribute to it. Ensure all members of the admin team know your objective when using your ChildCareCRM system. Make the expectations clear and inspect them regularly.

2. Clean throughout the year

Don’t wait until just before summer enrollment season. Take a peek more regularly to be sure the data being entered is concise. The most commonly overlooked fields in ChildCareCRM include:

  • Capitalization of First and Last Names – These are merge fields in email templates and transferred to your management system as entered
  • Child First Name
  • Start Date – Don’t forget to update these from the estimate to the actual
  • Mailing/Postal Address – Depending on what’s relevant to your center and your communication plans.
  • Phone Type – We highly recommend you default this to “Cell” – Email us at if you need help setting defaults.
3. Improve your Marketing Campaign Segments

You can also ask for extra information that will help you segment potential enrollments for communication down the road. Personalize your marketing campaigns and email templates by ensuring you have the correct information in these fields:

  • Birthday
  • Lead Source
  • ZIP Code

Out with the old, in with the new. In life, whether you’re cleaning your closet, your kitchen pantry or even your entire house, once everything is cleaned up you typically realize the gaps that exist. Cleaning your ChildCareCRM database is no different. Once you’ve finished your CRM clean-up, you’ll know better what you need to target for the next enrollment season. Fill these data gaps so you can take your center to the next level.

Emily Smith

Written by Emily Smith