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Pre-Conference VIP Customer Event

By Jerad Lally on Sep 13, 2019 3:00:00 PM

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Childcare CRM Blog Improve your 2020 vision

Improve Your 2020 Vision With ChildCareCRM.

Here at ChildCareCRM, we want to empower you with knowledge and tools to help you eliminate worries, reduce frustration, and fill your empty seats.

We are excited to be joining our users, friends, and partners once again to bring product highlights, success stories, and key industry trends at our annual user group gathering.

This year’s special guest speaker is Brian Duprey, Kris Murray’s Certified Child Care Coach, author of Child Care Millionaire, and a 5-year seasoned user of ChildCareCRM.

Our Pre-Conference VIP Event is not a sales pitch. This year’s Event is where you and your team can learn how to maximize the use of our system. You can connect with our CRM team, industry experts and other business-owners who, like you, are looking to propel their business forward with ChildCareCRM. We typically find that it’s these meaningful connections and the discussion among attendees that people find the most valuable.

In addition to our Special Guest Speaker Brian Duprey, User Group Panelist Discussion, Product Highlights, and Blind Statistics, you can also expect to:

Connect with experts with rich industry experience

Our team is putting together an afternoon where, instead of collecting business cards, you’ll be able to walk away with user knowledge and contacts that can empower you to improve your 2020 outlook. Our team has more than 75 years of industry experience and are ready to connect with your team on-site.

Spend an afternoon structured for productive conversation

We are structuring the afternoon to enable rich conversation, so you can have expect to hear from someone who has potentially been in your shoes before, and maybe make new friends.

Engage in a forum built around learning and empowerment

We want you to leave with tools to end 2019 strong and propel yourself into 2020. With our deep dataset and years of data collection, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we want to provide a sharing environment.

The Pre-Conference VIP Event is Oct. 9th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. closing with a festive Happy Hour perfect for socializing with like-minded professionals in our industry.

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Jerad Lally

Written by Jerad Lally