With a few key best practices, you can significantly improve your inquiry conversion rates. These best practices are shown to drive enrollment in a really meaningful way and when coupled with the use of a CRM (customer relationship management) system, it's a powerful combination. It’s an ongoing exercise though, where you need to regularly reevaluate your processes to see what is working and what isn’t.

Based on our recent Benchmarks Report, we've compiled a few basic principles to help you drive and improve your conversion rates through the implementation of these best practices:

Learning More About Your Families

The more information you gather about a family, the more effective you’re able to become in how you personalize your marketing towards them. Personalization is a large component of effective marketing that allows you to build stronger engagement, and, by extension, develop a relationship with these families the longer you market to them. Over time you’re able to provide them with insights needed that enable you to develop your understanding of your inquiries, your enrolled students, and the marketplace landscape as a whole. This in turn enables you to continually shape and narrow your targeting in your marketing.

Engaging 6-7 Times Increases Enrollment Conversions by 15-20%

Engagements are another important facet of follow up best practices. Inquiries are significantly more likely to convert if you consistently engage them through multiple channels. This has to be paired with quality of engagement, however, meaning that surface level social media posts aren’t quite enough to cut it as a true engagement. Look for true engagement, such as someone clicking a link to an asset in your email or responding directly to one of your drip campaigns.

Ensure Follow-Up Tasks on Pipeline

Assigning tasks to the families in your pipeline ensures that you’ve got a plan in place for consistently engaging them. Having a set of tasks ensures you’re holding yourself accountable to your prospects, and that accountability translates to consistent follow through in those 6-7 touches you want to reach every inquiry.

Completing Tasks on Time Ensure Proper Follow Up

Your tasks are there for a reason! By following them, you’re ensuring that the right inquiries are being engaged at the right time with the right content. Timing is just as important as messaging, and can often be the difference between success and failure in terms of conversions. It helps to keep your inquiries warm, while further developing your relationship with them, and in turn grows your credibility as a child care provider.

Reporting for Tracking/Measuring

Reports are your bread and butter for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and enrollment success metrics. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. There’s no way to tell if your campaigns are truly the cause of any successes or failure unless you have the tracking in place to report on them. More importantly, it allows you to pivot when you find something isn’t working, and to double down on what is. The ability to illustrate your efforts is also a powerful insight that serves to reinforce the value of your work and what it brings to your business.

Marketing Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are the wind beneath your sails, except in this case your sails are your message. They help you keep your engagements manageable. By building out drip campaigns, it’s like having another employee there to send out the emails you don’t always have the time to send. That sort of scalability is important for long term growth in your business.

To view the full results, download our 2019 Data-Driven Enrollment Benchmarks.

About the Report

In this report, we included 359 organizations comprised of 2,724 locations from our customer base. We required that the organization started using ChildCareCRM actively by January 1, 2019. For those organizations that did not have a full year of activity, we prorated those stats based on the number of months of activity between 7 to 12 months.

With ChildCareCRM in place, our organizations are staying on top of follow-ups even with this increase in inquiries. Our user-friendly CRM system helps them quickly sort their follow-up tasks, automate email and text communication and help their directing staff get back to prospects in a more timely, efficient way.