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Freedom From Empty Seats

By Taylor Jasper on Jul 3, 2018 3:40:00 AM

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When it comes to enrollment within your daycare or childcare center, not much is worse than looking into a classroom and seeing empty seats and cubbies. Strictly talking average enrollment costs, one empty seat results in $10,000 in lost revenue every year.

Our research indicates that most childcare centers have at least five vacancies. That's $50,000 in lost revenue per year!

Not including the staff costs for half-full rooms and overhead, not having enough students enrolled is the fastest way to put a childcare center out of business

So, what can you do to increase enrollments and fill seats? For that answer, let's look to the fitness world.

Yoga has vastly increased in popularity during the last 10 years. But if you've ever been into a yoga studio, you know they are not cheap. Across the country, yoga studios regularly charge $200 per month for membership. That’s pretty expensive for a hobby! But if you walk into any yoga studio, odds are the classes will be so full it's hard to find a spot. That's because yoga studios have mastered the art of the marketing funnel.

Recently I had an experience with a studio in Texas that really stuck with me. I was looking for a fun way to stay healthy, so I did a casual internet search to find a place near me. I found a website for a yoga studio right down the street from my apartment. It seemed to have pretty good reviews — you know how important social proof can be — so I submitted a request for more information.

Within 45 seconds of submitting my form…

I received a follow up email explaining the benefits of yoga and the steps that the studio takes to ensure a quality experience. I saw that their social media, website, and phone were listed, but I didn’t even have time to click on them because...

Within 2 minutes of submitting my form…

I had received a call from the studio offering information and asking questions about my experience level — where I had heard about them, what I was looking for — and if I would be interested in coming by for a tour.

Within 3 hours of submitting my form…

I was walking through the studio with an incredibly fit instructor taking a tour.

Within 3.5 hours of submitting my form…

I had signed up for a two-month membership.

The trick these studios have figured out is the decision to enroll is almost always made before someone walks through the door. If you wait until the potential parents walk in for the tour, they probably already have a good idea whether they'll enroll. The tour is just to confirm the decision.

The top of the marketing funnel is so important when it comes to enrollment. Studies show that calling or emailing a potential client with three minutes of their submitted inquiry will result in a drastically higher conversion rate.

For more information about how to make the most of your marketing funnel, check out our eBook “Increase Conversion Rates with One Simple Change” by subscribing and downloading on our Product Page.

Taylor Jasper

Written by Taylor Jasper