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It isn’t as easy as drawing out a couple of innovative-looking ideas and slapping them on any marketing collateral. With all of the information available in today’s environment, businesses must harness data and research to get a profound understanding of how their customers associate with their brand.

Millennials make up nearly one quarter of the population, so finding the right way to market to them is crucial for any business. At Kids ‘R’ Kids of West Allen, we have gone the extra mile to partner with an agency that understands this consumer segment. The Morganelli Agency has brought innovative marketing techniques that have helped us capture the attention of this growing segment.

In our industry, we are all about enrollment, growing our waiting list and ensuring our families receive the most premium care possible. Our industry is competitive and standing out amongst the crowd is no easy task. The Morganelli Agency came into our lives and started with a process of analyzing our business and providing us with an in-depth look into our market and customer base. We found that there were holes in our efforts and we had untapped potential!

With the help of The Morganelli Agency, we have taken the digital world by storm and have increased engagement and enrollment. We recently launched a monthly digital magazine that provides us with a way to express our brand image and voice in a digital format. We are able to provide engaging content each month and capture digital natives. We have also introduced KRKaption This, a photo contest on Facebook. This social strategy has brought our engagement to a whole new level and we are growing excitement for our brand across our online community.

With the help of a strong CRM platform we will continue to bring our brand image and voice to these consumers in a manner that they understand and appreciate. An efficient CRM platform enables us to continue our efforts by allowing us to track customer interactions, manage customer data and reveal endless possibilities.

Chuck Gibbs

Written by Chuck Gibbs