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ChildcareCRM Introduces Next-Generation Platform for Childcare Organizations

By Sierra Rossing on Jun 22, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Today ChildcareCRM launched its new customer relationship management (CRM) platform—CRM+—built to empower thousands of childcare organizations worldwide to grow their businesses in a digital world where families have more choices than ever before and expect immediate responses. The platform retains the power of ChildcareCRM’s original CRM product but is now easier to use and filled with new features to help childcare centers boost enrollment with less work.  

“In the childcare industry, responsiveness determines which childcare center a family chooses. It’s the everyday busy-ness of running a childcare center that gets in the way of responding to leads immediately and scheduling tours quickly,” said ChildcareCRM CEO, Matt Amoia. “We’ve built CRM+ with these challenges in mind; adding new features including home screen dashboards, more automations, custom reporting, and integration simplicity.” 

Key new features include: 
  • New, easy-to-use interface and navigation  

  • New home screen dashboards   

  • Custom reporting capabilities   

  • Partner marketplace for easy integrations  

  • New template editor to design communications templates 

CRM+ Navigation-1
Navigate the System with Ease and Confidence

CRM+ is specifically designed to organize your family information, leads, and communications across all your centers—in one place. You can easily switch views between corporate, regional, and individual centers so that you remain up to date with your staff's performance, your prospective families, and your return on investment (ROI).



Check Your Performance at a Glance with Dashboards
CRM+ Dashboard

With CRM+'s new home screen dashboards, you can see everything on your and your team's plate, like tasks, tours, and meetings. This allows you to increase efficiency, productivity, and organization across all your center locations.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Advanced Reporting
CRM+ Browse Centers

Manage performance at a glance by corporate, regional, and individual centers. CRM+ includes custom reporting tools to help you make data-driven decisions about the business based on different roles or personas across the organization.

Browse Integrations in the Partner Marketplace
CRM+ Partner Marketplace

Use the Partner Marketplace to connect your current software tools and browse for new ones. Generate more leads with integrations to childcare listing platforms, such as Winnie, Kinside, and Leads are automatically integrated into CRM+ for follow-up. Plus, integrate with management systems to keep records accurate and eliminate manual data entry.

Design Emails and Texts with the New Template Editor
CRM+ Email Template Builder

CRM+'s drag and drop editor is a state-of-the-art, powerful tool that allows you to easily create beautiful emails with block modules that you can actually drag and drop into your email template. These modules are all editable, allowing you to change the color, style, size, and location to fit your brand.

ChildcareCRM Customer Resources 
Get Started with ChildcareCRM 

To learn more about CRM+ and how it can help you stay connected to parents and optimize your enrollment, schedule a demo with one of our Solutions Consultants. 

Sierra Rossing

Written by Sierra Rossing

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