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LineLeader by ChildcareCRM Earns ‘Momentum Leader’ and ‘Leader’ Badges for 2022

Irving, TX – September 21st, 2022 – LineLeader by ChildcareCRM was awarded the ‘Momentum Leader’ and ‘Leader’ badges from G2. 

LineLeader received these merits after collecting user reviews on customer satisfaction and market presence, while ranking in the top 25% of childcare software products.  

G2 is a reputable source for empowering businesses with valuable technology. It’s a trusted tech marketplace to help vendors make the right decisions. G2 ensures the information provided is reliable and beneficial – giving buyers the chance to make accurate product comparisons. Read on to learn the significance of LineLeader earning the ‘Momentum Leader’ and ‘Leader’ badges. 

G2 – Authentic Reviews for Smart Software Decisions   

G2 is an innovative software listing site that provides in-depth research about each company. Their goal is to help buyers make more informed technology purchases that drive the growth of their business forward. Here are several advantages of using G2, according to their website 

  • Connect with 5.5 million buyers and counting. 
  • Discover companies researching your solution. 
  • Accelerate deals with reports buyers use. 
  • Sell more, grow more.  

Why Does the ‘Momentum Leader’ Badge Matter?

Customer voices are vital to business quality. Customer reviews are wonderful, but without a secure system to verify product usage, there’s no reason to trust them. G2, on the other hand, is the #1 business solutions review site for a reason.  

To earn a ‘Momentum Leader’ badge, products in the Leader tier in the Momentum Grid® ranked in the top 25% of their category’s products by their users. Meaning, LineLeader's customer satisfaction rating is higher than other software products within the childcare niche.  

ChildcareCRM earns a ‘Momentum Leader’ badge

‘Momentum Leader’ badge 

What's the Significance of the Leader Badge? 

User-informed feedback is at the core of G2, alongside a meta-analysis of social data to determine tech business rankings. G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews from an authentic user community and aggregated data from online sources and social networks. G2 recognizes the growing impact of childcare software and rates products subjectively.  

To secure a ‘Leader’ badge, products must have a high customer satisfaction rating (based on user reviews) and impressive market presence scores (based on aggregated data about market share, seller size, and social impact).   

Further, G2 applies a unique v3.0 algorithm. Both customer satisfaction and market presence and data are calculated in real-time. 

ChildcareCRM gains a ‘Leader’ badge

Leader’ badge

Get to Know ChildcareCRM   

LineLeader is the first and only platform to deliver full-featured customer relationship management (CRM) software, a family engagement app, and childcare management software (CMS) in one unified platform. LineLeader helps childcare organizations manage their business and optimize their staff and family experience so they can succeed in a competitive market. Now, childcare centers can eliminate the multiple disjointed products they use to grow enrollment, engage families, and manage their center. LineLeader serves more than 5,000 childcare centers worldwide.  

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