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3 Ways to Boost Retention in the Pre-Enrollment Stage

By Sierra Rossing on Nov 1, 2021 11:22:55 AM

Are you up to date on the retention timeline?  

There are 4 (not 3) important dates worth jotting down on your enrollment retention calendar. Each time period has a set of goals you want to accomplish before that date to ensure you’re maximizing your enrollment potential. 

Pre-Start Date 

It’s often said that the task of enrollment retention begins only after a family has enrolled. Unfortunately, for many centers that means they’re missing out on valuable time in the pre-enrollment stage to begin using valuable retention principles. 

See the full timeline for enrollment retention in our step-by-step guide.

Acquiring New Families 

Provide families with a seamless registration and onboarding experience. The more you can minimize the hassle of scheduling tours, filling out paperwork, and making enrollment fee payments for new families, the more likely they are to start with a highly positive outlook on your center. 

Simplify Tour Scheduling 

Scheduling a tour is one of the most important steps in the parent journey for a childcare center. But the process of scheduling a tour is inconvenient for parents. They have to fill out a form or call during business hours to request a tour. It can take hours or days to lock down a date and time after calls and emails back and forth. 

Learn how to eliminate the hassle of scheduling tours in our enrollment retention guide. 

Streamline Registration 

Today’s parents don’t want to drive to the center to pick up packets or drop them back off afterward. Further, did you know that parents are asked to fill out the same information an average of 9 times during the enrollment process? Yikes! Who has time for that... not today's parents.

Boost Your Childcare Enrollment Retention

Download the step-by-step guide for childcare to boost your enrollment retention rate and learn how to ‘wow’ your enrolled families. 


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