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Teddy Hook

Teddy Hook

In his career, Teddy has enjoyed working in early stage SaaS companies and successfully helping them grow. What started as a desire to simply support customers quickly turned into the study of Customer Success. Currently, Teddy takes on the role of Director of Customer Operations at ChildcareCRM where he is constantly learning and implementing new ways to design the optimal Customer Journey and internal processes. Outside of work, you can find Teddy diving into books about anything from “boring” world history to “epic” fantasy. You will also find him scouring the internet to learn about the newest trends in health, biohacking, and ancestral living or see him out in the field practicing archery. He loves music, sports,attempting to be a good cook, and traveling the world to experience new cultures. Strike up a conversation with Teddy, anything is fair game!

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The Time to Engage is Now!

By Teddy Hook on Jul 20, 2020 9:43:43 AM

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