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5 Ways to Learn and Play during National Science Week

By Pikka Turangan on Aug 8, 2021 3:30:00 PM

National Science week is an enjoyable time where children and adults of all ages can learn a little bit more about science. It's not just for the science lovers!

This year's National Science Week theme is "Food: Different by Design". Where everyone can discover the range of outcomes and benefits that come from food. The best way for anyone to learn about something is through interactive activities, here are our favourite activities you can do with children for National Science Week.

1) Practice Composting

Give satisfaction to your children by learning valuable lessons about sustainability through the process of helping trees and plants grow. By actively composting in your own backyard, children will learn fast habits of reducing waste and learning the difference between biodegradable and not. Helping the ecosystem around you and educate others to do the same!

2) Plant Fruit/Herbs

If you're looking for a long-term project to do with your children, try planting fruit or herb trees. Ask your children what kind of fruit they love and make it something they can be accountable for. They will find fulfillment once they start seeing small leaves growing from their plant!

3) Cook Healthy Meals

Who doesn't love to eat? Unfortunately, sometimes things that we eat aren't good for our bodies. This is why it's important to teach children and get them excited about healthy food and healthy eating! Children love to activate their senses, let them touch, smell, and see the ingredients and encourage them to pick out what they think would be delicious and healthy. Involve your child in food preparation and planning of each meal so they understand the full process and use their basic math and communication skills.

4) Visit a Market

If cooking isn't really your forte, that's totally fine! An outing to a farmer's market is a great way to engage their five senses to learn more about healthy food. At a farmer's market you will find more interesting foods that are at different shapes and sizes than the normal grocery store. It's a perfect place for them to explore and discover new things!

5) Experiment with Food from Different Cultures

Take a trip around the world! During these times it can be harder to learn about other cultures if we aren’t physically in the home countries. Experiencing different food can be a good start for children to respect and acknowledge the different types of culture.

Visit the National Science Week website to find more resources or learn about any events running in your state.

Pikka Turangan

Written by Pikka Turangan

Pikka Turangan is an experienced marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the childcare industry. She is highly skilled in communications, copywriting, marketing strategy, campaign management, and event management. Pikka received her Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) with a focus in Marketing from Queensland University of Technology. She serves as the Marketing Manager for ChildcareCRM's Australian market.

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