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5 Activities to Do with Your Centre’s Children During Australia’s Children's Week

By Pikka Turangan on Oct 19, 2021 5:29:56 PM

The education and development of children is vital for our future. Organisations in the education sector such as schools, childcare centres, tutoring centres and software companies like us are using this week to celebrate and reflect on the needs of children around Australia. 

See 5 activities that you and your children can do during Children's Week! 

1) Hold an event where children and parents can give feedback on their needs and their children's needs.

Sometimes we hold back some feedback because it may not be the right time or your day is a little busy. Families and especially children should be given an opportunity to give their feedback on what they want to see at the centre in a safe space. During these events, the parents are always looking for something more with the facilities or safety. Children will always tell you what they want to learn or play with next or in the future.   

By holding this event - you are getting the full scope of how you could improve your centre for your families. 

2) Host a Children's Week morning tea with family members.  

This event will be a chance to create face-to-face relationship with the families and their extended members. It can be difficult during the week to talk more personally about their child or what is happening in their lives. This is a great chance to get to know your families better over some light refreshments! 

3) Build a poem with a theme around children.  

Children have a lot to say especially if it's about themselves. Use their words to create a poem that circles the theme of children and what they love about being children. Building a poem is a great activity that could help with their creativity, confidence, and literacy skills. See what kind of poems you and your children can come up with! 

4) Hold an event to showcase children's work - chosen by the children. 

Children during their early years want to feel special and acknowledged for their hard work. Hold a special evening where all of their work are displayed in their rooms and the children can confidently show their parents what they have worked so hard on. You can display their art work, written work and also any photos of them during a project or group activity. 

4) Write stories surrounding the theme of Children's Week. 

Similar to writing a poem - you and your children can write a story that will help with their development and literacy skills. Stories are usually a lot longer so there is more room for more children's feedback and opinion. Especially on what it means for children to have the right to choose their friends and safely connect with others. 

Our blog space is full of more activities for children, families, and educators to do during special events and holidays. Click here to visit our main blog page for more inspiration! 

Pikka Turangan

Written by Pikka Turangan

Pikka Turangan is an experienced marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the childcare industry. She is highly skilled in communications, copywriting, marketing strategy, campaign management, and event management. Pikka received her Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) with a focus in Marketing from Queensland University of Technology. She serves as the Marketing Manager for ChildcareCRM's Australian market.

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