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4 Tips for Generating More Childcare Center Tour Inquiries

By Bethany Peerman on Aug 17, 2021 6:00:00 AM

September is fast approaching and according to our data here at Kinside, this upcoming month represents the biggest enrollment opportunity of the year. If you still have a few vacancies you’re looking to fill, or even a new classroom you’d like to open, now is the time to get parents through the door for tours. 

The good news is, if you have ChildcareCRM, you’re already well on your way to converting more of your leads to tours. But what if you are simply looking to get the right parents for your openings to inquire to begin with?

Well, that’s where Kinside comes in. Kinside works with thousands of employers to help their local parents find care and can increase program enrollment by connecting you to the families searching in your area.

Below, we detail the four ways you can attract those parents and bring them in for tours. 

1) Create a Kinside account.

Kinside is a fantastic tool to connect you with working parents in your area who are currently searching for care aka hot leads. 

Creating an account on Kinside is free, and takes less than 15 minutes. Highly interested parents from local employers will be able to find your profile and learn more about your program instantly. Be sure to include details about what makes your program stand out, whether that is pedagogy, flexible hours, transportation, or child/teacher ratios. 

Parents love to see pictures of your facility. In your profile, you will want to have images of the outside of your facility, any playground areas, and the spaces that their child will be in. 

2) Update your availability.

By providing the most up-to-date availability, high intent parents in your area will be able to hone in on the programs that fit their needs. It also increases your visibility in the search results!

3) Add tour times to your profile.

We believe that the best deciding factor is a tour. Displaying available times helps parents plan tours around their busy schedules, in a time that works for you.

During tours, parents will want to see the warm and inviting environment, as well as the activities and curriculum that your program provides. Parents will be evaluating cleanliness, especially COVID procedures, and the attentiveness of staff. 

4) Don't shy away from pricing.

You can convert 5 times as many profile views to tours when parents have an idea of what tuition cost might be. While many providers think this may scare parents away, having tuition details in advance increases interest. This is beneficial for both you and the parents, as this will ensure you are only providing tours to parents who know you are within their budget. Be sure to identify situations where any additional fees may be incurred, and make sure to note any discounts.

It’s our goal to increase your reach and assist you in having a full roster. All of these things will help you convince parents that your program is the best fit for their kids before the tour.

Click here to learn more about the free integration between Kinside and ChildcareCRM.

Bethany Peerman

Written by Bethany Peerman

Bethany Peerman serves as an Enrollment Specialist at Kinside. Kinside offers an extensive network of quality childcare providers serving top employers. In essence, Kinside connects its child care partners to working families from over 4,000 employers nationwide. Create your free profile today to effortlessly fill vacancies and grow your enrollment with ease.

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